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Welcome to the SFX system for e-journal search. Please follow the instructions below to enhance your search
  • 本系統可查詢圖書館的電子期刊。

  • Access to the e-journals of NCU library is provided.
  • 提供刊名瀏覽,可按字首、注音、筆劃來查詢。

  • Titles of journals can be searched by prefix, Chinese phonetic notation or Stroke number (Chinese characters).
  • 可輸入刊名部份文字,再選取「開始以」或「包含」查詢。

  • Users can type the keywords of the wanted journal title and click “Starts with” or “Contains” to start your search.
  • 提供期刊刊名、主題、出版者、ISSN等條件作組合查詢

  • Integrated inquiry by journal titles, topics, publishers and ISSN is provided.
  • 如已知需查找的文獻刊名、卷期及頁數,建議使用 參考文獻查詢

  • If information of the journal titles, volume number and page number is given, users are recommend to use Citation Linker to search for wanted journals.
  • 校外使用電子期刊,請參閱 「校外連線服務」說明。

  • For connection outside the network of campus, please refer to the instructions of the EZproxy/VPN service.
  • 本館館藏資源已連結 Google Scholar,使用者透過檢索結果之 “SFX@NCU Lib” 連結,即可直接取得本館所有購置之電子期刊與免費網路資源。

  • Database of the NCU Library are already connected to Google Scholar. Related Journals and free online resources can be accessed directly through users search results by clicking “SFX@NCU Lib”.

  • 電子資源僅服務本校教職員生為主。

  • The E-Resource is built mainly on the purpose of serving the NCU faculty and students.
  • 敬請尊重智慧財產權,若涉及違反相關規定而經查證屬實,讀者須自負相關法律責任,除需親自致函向出版社道歉,並停止其使用權。

  • Users who violate the law should take full responsibility.
  • 若發現電子期刊起訖、連結等錯誤,請回報

  • If you discovered error from the system, please contact us.

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