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Welcome to use the National Tsing Hua University Library E-Journal System, Please refer to the
following instruction to find journals and articles:
  • 本系統可查詢圖書館之電子期刊。 請依需求利用下列各功能查詢。
  Use this page to locate e-journal.
  • 刊名瀏覽,可點選刊名字首(數字、英文、中文或其他)逐步檢視。
  To browse journals by title.
  • 刊名查詢,可輸入部份或完整刊名,並可選取檢索方式(開頭以 or 包含)
  To search a journal, enter the keyword in title and click GO.
  • 主題瀏覽,可選擇特定主題瀏覽期刊。
  To browse journals by subject.
  • 找尋功能,可依出版者或收錄的資料庫名稱瀏覽期刊;或以期刊刊名、主題、出版者、ISSN等條件作單獨或組合查詢。
  Browsing journal publisher or database is available. Searching a journal combined title, category, publisher, ISSN is also available.
  • 參考文獻查詢,如已知需查找的文章篇名、出處(期刊刊名或ISSN)卷期及起始頁,建議使用。
  To locate an article, please enter the following information in the Citation Linker: journal title, volume, issue, page or only DOI.
  • 本館館藏資源已連結 Google Scholar,使用者透過檢索結果之Findit@NTHU 連結,即可直接取得本館所有購置之電子期刊與免費網路資源。
  You can search through the Google Scholar and click the “Findit@NTHU” to find the full text or print copies of the journal.
  • 版權與使用說明
Please adhere to copyright regulations when using library resources: All electronic resources are licensed for the non-profit, educational use of the National Tsing Hua University. Usage of these resources is governed by copyright law and individual license agreements. Systematic downloading, photocopying, online-distributing, or retaining substantial portions of information is prohibited. Violators will face legal consequences with their library access rights revoked.

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