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SCIRUS (Elsevier)
Title: SCIRUS (Elsevier)
Type: Subject Gateway
Description: 是網際網路上最完整的免費科學相關搜尋引擎,運用先進的搜尋引擎技術,使得每位想要檢索科學信息的人員快捷精準地查找到所需信息,包括專家評審刊物、發明專利信息、作者主頁以及大學網站等等。搜尋超過一億六千七百萬科學相關網頁,可以快速查找網路上的科學、學術、技術與醫藥資料, 找到其他搜尋引擎遺漏的最新論文、同儕評鑑文章以及期刊。
Scirus is the most comprehensive science-specific search engine available on the Internet. Driven by the latest search engine technology, it enables scientists, students and anyone searching for scientific information to chart and pinpoint data, locate university sites and find reports and articles quickly and easily. It was launched by Elsevier Science, the leading international publisher of scientific information.
Publisher: SCIRUS
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